Architectural Usefulness of A Baseboard

There is always a big difference between a house furnished with a skirtingboard and the one with no baseboard. The board comes with an attractive glimpse to the room apart from other construction purposes. The board brings an attractive patternas it is designed to match that of other house components.

The main purposes of using floormolding

§ Some constructors will opt to use the board to fill the gaps that may appear between the floor and the walls of the house. It is less expensive and time saving to use the board instead of redoing the whole thing aiming to achieve the preferred look.

§ The board acts as a protection to prevent the walls from being scratched by the house furniture. This is achieved when they provide a barrier between the house furniture and the wall. It also advantageous since the furniture is prevented from damage.

§ The board also hides the electrical wires that are not appealing to anyone when they hang anyhow in the room. Keeping these wires under the board is much protective and also economical than when they are hidden on the ceiling. It can be easy to repair them when they are under the board rather than on the ceiling.

§ With the capability of being molded, the board can act as a decorative part of the room.

Tips for fitting a skirting board on the wall

· Make sure you have all the equipment you may need such as hammer, drill and wooden glue.

· You should get the correct measurements for the whole room for you to know how much skirting is needed. This will help you to know the extra volume to include while purchasing which will cater for the wasted parts.

· It’s advisable to start with the longest walls. The off cuts from the lengthier sides can be used to fit the shorter walls.

My take

When you decide to have someone or yourself fix a skirtingboard for your room, you should hire a specialist in that field to perfectly fit it for you hence reducing the cost that you could incur due the wastage of materials if you were to do the fitting on your own.